Camren is four years old, he has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy which means all four of his limbs are very stiff and tight, he also has muscle spasms often through the night so he wakes up crying. He is able to sit independently, often for as long as 15-20 minutes keeping himself occupied, but it is not possible to leave him unsupervised as he could fall over and forget to put his hands down to save himself, so he will then get hurt. He tries very hard in everything he does; sitting, crawling, standing (he can do this but with quite a bit of support) and he has just started to walk using his Rollator, which is a walking frame with a supportive sling under his bum and straps going across his back! He is really good at crawling, using his arms to pull himself along and he is learning to use his legs whilst crawling, but he still find this incredibly hard. But what Camren really wants is to be able to run around with his friends and play football and he is very determined that when he is a grown-up he wants to be a Fireman and helicopter pilot!!!

Camren's Steps

We are fundraising so that Camren can have life changing surgery in America, at St Louis Children's Hospital. The operation is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (or SDR) and the leading surgeon who invented the procedure, Dr TS Park has performed over 3,000 SDR operations over a period of almost 30 years on children and adults, and each time has considerably improved the patients quality of life. SDR is going to transform Camren's life and Dr Park has said that Camren will walk using a walking frame, but we are really hoping that with enough hard work and determination he will surpass this expectation and maybe one day he might take his first unaided steps!!! To be able to take Camren to America and pay for all the equipment (walking frame, sticks, splints for his legs) and post-op physio and other rehabilitation activities for two years we are going to need to raise £65,000!!! We are on the list for a November 2015 date and we will be told our exact date in September/October. We are extremely grateful and happy that Camren has been given this chance but we are not forgetting that of course there is a lot of work to do before then to raise the money in time!! All we really want is to be able to give our son the best life possible and to join in with games his friends are playing and to have fun with his big sister Bethany!!

Please help us to achieve our goal by donating, spreading the word far and wide, coming along to our events and supporting us and any other ideas you have to make our dreams become an actual reality.